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The Graphics Collection contains numerous images of religious persons, events, and places relating to the history of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Catholic Church on a whole.

Items in the Graphics Collection

Philadelphia Catholic Parish Boundaries
Map of Philadelphia with parish boundaries outlined. "Ethnic" parishes and other parishes are in separate keys.

[Map of Philadelphia Parishes]
Cutout of Philadelphia with parishes outlined in black, transparent overlay with parish names typed on slips of paper. Mounted on heavy cardboard. Title devised by cataloger.

Vue de la Salle du Concile Oecumenique Vatican avec les Veritables Portraits ... [View of the hall of the Ecumenical Vatican Council with the True Portraits ...]
Print (chromolithograph) of painting by M. Menghini of the Ecumenical Council (First Vatican Council) held in Rome, 1870. Inscribed in bottom left corner of print: "Schultz Oleogh: Paris [i.e., Charles Schultz, Lithographer]. [H]angard-Mauge, imp."…

A Map of the United States of America Showing a Part of the Role Played by Catholics in its Discovery, Exploration, Development and Defense
A detailed map including Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, depicting the history of Catholic influence in these geographic areas. Additional events, buildings, and historical figures line the edges of the map. The…

Proclamation! Notice is Hereby Given to the Freemen of the City and County of Philadelphia...

Proclamation! Notice is hereby given to the freemen of the city and county of Philadelphia that, pursuant to the provisions of Article XVIII of the Constitution of Pennsylvania, and by virtue of an act of general assembly of said Commonwealth,…

Tu es Sacerdos in Aeternum [You Are a Priest Forever]
In the center is a scene of ordination to the priesthood. Above is Jesus and God the Father. On the four corners are scenes that appear to be the stages toward ordination. Printed in bottom left of lithograph: "Colin del.". Printed in bottom center…

The United States of America by Act of Their Congress Have Authorized The World's Columbian Commission ...
World's Columbian Commission Certificate decreeing a medal for specific merit to the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia for its exhibit of manuscripts, relics, etc. at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893. Printed in…

The City of Vineland, New Jersey
In the center is a bird's eye view of Vineland, New Jersey. Surrounding it are pictures of prominent residences and businesses. The view of the city has buildings numbered and has a key at the bottom identifying the buildings. The bottom is damaged…

Norristown, Penna.
Bird's eye view of Norristown, PA, surrounded by images of prominent buildings and businesses.

Printed in bottom left corner of lithograph: "Packard & Butler, Phila."

City of Yonkers, New York, 1881
Bird's eye view of Yonkers, NY, surrounded by images of prominent buildings and businesses. Most likely by Packard & Butler, Lithographers, Philadelphia.

Paterson, N.J. 1880. 17 miles from New York on the N.Y. LE. & W. Ry.
Bird's eye view of Paterson, NJ, surrounded by images of prominent buildings and businesses.

Printed in bottom right corner of lithograph: "Packard & Butler, Lith., Philadelphia."

City of New Brunswick, New Jersey. 1880
Bird's eye view of New Brunswick, NJ, surrounded by images of prominent buildings and businesses.

Printed in bottom right corner of lithograph: "Packard & Butler, Lith., Philada."