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A portrait of Reverend Patrick E. Moriarty, OSA, founder of Villanova University

An exterior photograph of Barbelin Hall, the oldest building on campus.

A portrait of Reverend Felix-Joseph Barbelin, S.J., the founder and first president of Saint Joseph's College

An image of Mother Mary Dolores Brady, SHCJ, the foundress and first President of Rosemont College


An aerial view of the property belonging to the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia in Aston, PA. Neumann University, then College, is No. 4, while the Our Lady of Angels Convent is No. 1.

A photograph of an unknown Sister using a commemorative shovel to break ground for Our Lady of Angels College, which would become Neumann University decades later.

A photograph of the Preparatory Seminary in Glen Riddle, PA. Originally the Ashton Ridge Female Academy and connected to the Presbyterian Church, the property was bought by Bishop John Neumann. From 1859 to 1871, the predecessor to the College…

An aerial view of La Salle College at its present location at 20th and Olney Streets.

A photograph of the Bouvier Mansion, former home of Michael Bouvier, ancestor of First Lady Jacqueline bouvier Kennedy. It would become the third location of La Salle College in 1886.

Print of La Salle College's second location at Juniper and Filbert Streets. Previously, it was home of Saint Joseph's College.

Pictured is the first location of La Salle College, when it was connected to Saint Michael's Parish in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia

A portrait of Brother Teliow Fackeldey, FSC, founder of La Salle University. he is credited with being the institution's first president, though he held this position for six months.

Villa Maria Hall, home to Villa Maria Academy and, later, Immaculata University

A photograph of Mother Mary Loyola Gallagher, IHM, foundress and first president of Immaculata University.

A photograph of the former stables of the Treweryn estate. the top floor housed Gwynedd Junior College, while the first floor housed Gwynedd Mercy Academy.

An aerial photograph of Treweryn estate, formerly owned by Roland Taylor. The building on the left is the Mansion, while the building on the right are the stables. When purchased by the Sisters of mercy in 1948, these buildings became the Motherhouse…

A photograph of Holy Family Hall, the main building of Holy Family University

Groundbreaking for Holy Family hall, the main building of Holy Family University. The photograph features unknown participants and possibly Sister Mary Neomisia Rutkowska, CSFN

A photograph of Sister Mary Neomisia Rutkowska, CSFN, foundress and first president of Holy Family University

A photograph of Mother Mary Bernard Graham, RSM, the foundress and first president of Gwynedd Mercy University

An aerial view of Fournier Hall at Chestnut Hill College

A view of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Saint Joseph (left) and Mount Saint Joseph Academy (right)

CHC001 (2).jpg
Aerial sketch of Monticello, the estate of John Middleton , in Chestnut Hill. It would later serve as the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the Girls' Academy

Exterior of the former Woodcrest Mansion, which now served as the classrooms for Cabrini College

Mother Ursula Infante.jpg
A photograph of Mother Ursula Infante, founder and first president of Cabrini College

Dorrance estate.jpg
An aerial photograph of the Woodcrest, the estate of Dr. John T. Dorrance

Gold Jubilee booklet fort the House of the Good Shepherd

Souvenir Program Annual Entertainment The House of the Good Shepherd at the Academy of Music

Booklet on the Catholic Interracial Program

PH303_Interracial Review.pdf
Anna M. McGarry article on St. Elizabeth Parish

Sacred Heart Parish: New Philadelphia Golden Jubilee Booklet

P001.2042 Bonaparte.pdf
Lecture on education in the United States

IC108_50 years.pdf
Hallahan High School Golden Jubilee Booklet

IC119_Exam 1904.pdf
Roman Catholic High School: Annual Examination, June 1904

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Patrick E. Moriarty, O.S.A., June 25, 1842

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Edward J. Sourin, S.J., March 4, 1843.

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Bartholomew Rollando, C.M., November 18, 1845

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Alexander Frasi, C.M., November 03, 1843

Letter to Mary Brackett Willcox from Mariano Maller, C.M., June 3, 1844

The Official Sounds of the 41st International Eucharistic Congress

Marching Through Europe: Cardinal Dougherty High School Band Philadelphia, U.S.A

St. Charles Seminarians: Tokens of Our Rejoicing: Liturgical Music from St. Charles Seminary

The Redemptorist Community at St. Alphonsus College, Suffield, CT In Honor of St. John Neumann, C.SS.R. (1811-1860), 1977

St. Charles Seminary Choir: Side A Jersusalem Surge #7020 and Side B blank

St. Charles Seminary Choir: Side A Jersusalem Surge Side B Hum Closing 4/16/1946

St. Charles Seminary Choir: Side A Christus Factus Est Side B Eastimatus Sum 4/16/1946

St. Charles Seminary Choir: Side A “Ecce Qoumodo Moritur Justus” Side B “ Vinea Mea Electa” 4/16/1946

St. Charles Seminary Choir: Side A “In Monte Oliveti” Side B “Tenebrae Factie Sunt” 4/16/1946

St. Charles Seminary Choir: Side A “Tristis Est Anima Mea” Side B “Omnes Amici Mei” 4/16/1946
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